Moving abroad can be very stressful. Leaving all your household behind and going to a new country depending on the country you are relocating to. It can be tough as the client is not aware of his goods packed and reaching destination after a long period of time especially if it is being forwarded via sea. ABC Logistics India understands the concern of every client and this is why we initiate the process of the move by giving our client a brief about how the process of relocation will be and what are the customs procedures and documentation required. Having discussed this with the client they feel eased and they realize that their move in the safe hands of a professional company that is well equipped with the knowledge and expertise to handle an international move.

With our expertise, we are able to provide and serve every type of international relocation. Our staff has more than 10 - 15 years of experience in this industry and this helps us to meet our clients’ specific needs and requirements for their move. We are a one-stop-shop for all relocation services. We offer door-to-door services which provide our customers one less thing to stress about during their relocation. Through our extensive network of carefully selected agents and trained personnel around the world, we clear the necessary documentation formalities and ensure on-time delivery at your doorstep once you are ready.